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released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


NEAL MORGAN Berkeley, California

Drummer and singer/songwriter Neal Morgan is best known as the trusted right-hand-man to some of the finest songwriters of his generation, including Joanna Newsom and Bill Callahan. Neal Morgan / Neal Morgan is a spoken drum and voice record. In The Yard is the second of his three total solo drum and voice records. ... more

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Track Name: We Are
We Are
In the bright soft light
Of a full sun on a day that’s not hot
In a car
On an empty street
Shooting the breeze
Waving cigars out the windows as we bounce along
Evil deeds done
And piled up in the back for all to see
And we are without feeling
One way or another
Only moving forward
Driving through the soft light
The high-rises stare on
Out over the pavement
And the pavement’s pavement
And the pavement’s pavement’s pavement
Scanning the city with black eyes like thick coin slots
We go on and on and on just like this
Track Name: Ashamed And Escaping
Ashamed And Escaping
And escaping that shame or seeing about that
I climb up the garage
Sit down in the tarpaper
And I look out
Over the houses and equipment and mud
And they’re all blurred in my breath
I had a terrifying dream
The kind that makes you resolve and resolve again
So I set out to work
Doing something
Above the breath cloud, I think that must be
The tallest nest
In one of the taller trees
Next to the tallest house in the city
I’ve been up there and it seemed like some kind of yoga sex area
Well maybe there’s some work I can do up here later on
And tomorrow I’ll say to Robin: Robin, look at that nest
The cold, the quiet, the morning dark have overtaken me
Track Name: Repairing A Wall
Repairing A Wall and thinking of her
In the emptiness
And in the affirming repeat of an otherworldly song
Spreading itself out
And filling the house
Taking its shape
Bouncing off and sinking into infinite faces
The fiber of wood
Whatever is between the fibers of wood
An unlit corner
In the trashcan
Through a pillow
A piano on a route that I’ve made endless for now
Through and into what I can’t describe
The soul
The weight of living
Why am I here?
And I don’t care how this sounds to you:
There is a higher power
And I am made to know something of it today
Pointed to it
Brought to it
In spite of my self and my mind
And I sure don’t care how this sounds to you:
But maybe she’s an angel
Bearing the gift of god-finding, workingmusic

Waking up and thinking of her
It’s snowing out
And I put on the song again
And I become endless again
Soaking in it
Bathed by it
Led around a corner by the hand to point me to it
The show-er is so generous to me
Track Name: 24 Hours In The City
24 Hours In The City
And on a park bench with her
Down the hill the workers plant a palm tree
Cinched in a strap
Hanging from a crane
Near the boulders and dirt and other workers
They’re turning this part of the park into a silicon valley-masonic-sacrifice-altar
With the right number of trees and rocks
Positioned so that on the eighth night
It lines up with a constellation
And all hell breaks loose
We wonder who’s behind this

Two parrots keep flying by

And it’s probably time for me to start thinking about leaving
And then I do
And then I do
I leave the city and come back
And leave the city and come back
To see her
Killing time alone on a park bench during visit three
A man selling pot propositions everyone around except me
Then she calls
And I’m up
I take flight
Pounding heart
Striding down the hill in the grass
And over the bum urine sidewalks to the corner where she’ll pick me up to go eat
I could do this all the time
Track Name: At The Drumkit
At The Drumkit
Writing in the dark
Behind the curtain
And the house music
And the people filling in
How lucky am I to play tonight
To have drums
To have played last night
To play at all
And to play again tomorrow
Track Name: Woke Up On The Driveway
Woke Up On The Driveway after a night
Clothes in a ball and my skin in the air
The coward in me and me go for a ride
In the heat and the movement
I’m taken in
And join the noise
And it bears down
And I grip and stare
Animate Through Sponge
Pain on corner one: predatory focus
Restlessness, loss, ache, corner two

Five little children duckling by

And the Prince in the next car, windows open
Pushed back to me and in
In waves as the other cars pass
And the breasts pulling my eyes, moving in front of a business with brick façade
I’m taken in
And move through

By the way, I did know teenage prostitution is a problem here
And I know it now
And I know it now
I still know it
And now, I still know it now
And I still know it now
Track Name: Finding Rock Bottom
Finding Rock Bottom
In the wee hours
My boy and I
Loud then carom
Loud then carom
Loud then carom
And I
Aware of the softness of me and of his small body:
So this is how it feels
Track Name: Walking To The Lake
Walking To The Lake
Drunk as hell
I find an old girlfriend in the dark
In the morning
Up early
Surprisingly buoyant
Like a hundred dollars
I jump on the cold water
Then it surrounds me
I become all-feeling
An eel
In some time, I’ll be the pure expression of myself
Track Name: In A Car
In A Car
Neil Young songs the whole time
Remembering a guest, a friend of a friend, back home one summer
On a driveway
Making fun of Neil Young
Window cracked for a verse and one of the guitar solos
Wind loud in my ear now
And I forget
My mind goes eating at the bushes near the ocean
I find an unused nest of grass folded in on itself and poke around in it
And now, the wind in my ear
And now, the window rolled up
Facing Neil Young again
But it’s not that easy:
Recently, really feeling Helpless in an apartment
Gaining understanding
Both sides now
Speeding through the hills and the mansions on the hills of California
Track Name: German Artist At Night
German Artist in his studio late At Night
I’m out pissing on the weeds near the van
And looking through his windows
He’s turning his head this way and that way
Considering a sculpture
So this is something artists do even if no one is around
He sits down with an apple and a hunk of bread
Bites the apple and picks up a pad of paper and a pencil
German artist at night becomes A German Artist At Night